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BEWARE OF 437-223-0498 (Independent Asian Massage Escort)
« on: September 15, 2019, 11:21:28 pm »
Hey guys,

Please make sure you read everything carefully from top to bottom. Anyway, even though I've been a member of this forum for some time, I don't normally post threads, but felt I should so that no one suffers the same way I did. The following ad caught my attention on Leolist...


In case you are unable to view it, this is what it said in the ad...

>ONLY 60!!! NEW ARRIVAL Asian Playful Girl ONLY 60!!!
>Name: Shirley_437.223.0498
>Age: 24
>City: Mississauga
>Ethnicity: Asian
>Availability: Incall
>Newly Arrived
>Hello! Gentleman. Etobi INCALL. Lakeshore Blvd W / Parklawn
>Always Excellent Service & No Rush
>Asian Spinnable Perfect Figure**
>Open-Minded Sexy lingerie & stocking
>Amazing Skill A+ Service ggggfffe bluejay without covers...66666999...nuru
>☑ Special Price $60hh
>☑ $100h (2times)
>☑ 100% Unrushed Service
>☑ Nuru Massage
>In Etobi : Lake shore Blvd W / Parklawn
>Call: 437_223_0498 & details!
>Opens till Late Hours *** InCall Available ***

I first called her and asked what all is offered (just to make sure it pertained to her ad). Even though she spoke exactly what was shown above, her voice sounded as if she may be a little older (FIRST SIGN I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED). Anyway, her English seemed okay, and I told he I just wanted a Nuru Massage, Foot Fetish (where I could play with her feet), a Happy Ending, and if possible the "ggggfffe bluejay without covers...66666999" as she mentioned above, and NO FULL SERVICE (my thing inside her "down there"). She said she could do all that for $100 for 60 minutes, and that she has an inflatable mattress for Nuru. So I went on down. However, before I went I first delayed by someone (SECOND SIGN I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED), later on, it rained on the way down (THIRD SIGN I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED), the traffic was very heavy on the expressway (FOURTH SIGN I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED), and when I got to her location, it must has been a bait and switch or false advertising when I saw her face (FIFTH SIGN I SHOULD HAVE AVOIDED).

She seemed pretty though and had a pleasant attitude at first. When she asked me again what I wanted before we began, I repeated what I mentioned earlier, and reminded her that I do not want FULL SERVICE "down there". I then told her that if I am given the full 1 hour with what I wanted, I offered her a $20 tip in advance (which I am glad I did not pay her, just getting a little ahead). So, I paid her the $100, and she took me into one of her rooms of the place she was staying at. It seemed nice at first, but the bed reeked of body odor. I asked her where the inflatable mattress was, and then she started to pretend that she did not know any English. She started to massage my back which was barely just okay, and during the first 5-10 minutes, her phone went off (text), and then there was a ring at the door. She left me for a minute or two and then came back to tell me that session would only be 45 minutes. I then told her that I paid for the full hour, and then she started to give me attitude. Anyway, she continued to massage my whole back.

After another 10 minutes, she then turns me over to massage my legs, and then down there. With a combination of her bad attitude, and the horrible environment with her smelly bed, I wasn't turned on. During the massage, I asked about the foot fetish thing and all, and she then yelled and said "You not touch my feet! No foot fetish!". I then grabbed my phone and showed her the texts we sent each other and then said "I don't know what you are talking about. Leave it!". After another 10 to 15 minutes when she barely played with me down there, and I barely came. After 35 minutes altogether, she then told me it was time for me to leave. I then I asked if I could take a shower before I left, and then asked me for the extra $20. I then said that I did not get the full hour and that I should get a free shower for only 1 minute by myself to rinse myself off. She then said "Give me $20 or forget it!". I then asked what I did wrong. She said "Nothing! Other guy waiting and I must do him after you, so go!". Then she pretended not to know English again.

When her doorbell bell rang, after I got changed, she quickly took me down the stairs, made me hide as the other guy came in, and then shove me out the door as she slammed it shut. What a waste of money! Anyway, I thought I would share this with you all so that none of you have to lose any money or suffer the same way I did. That number of hers is the one she currently has. If you look it up on Leolist, you will see that she has listed many ads. In fact, based on the other ads, she has gone under the following names: Shirley, Apple, and Mia. She has even changed her age, pics, and what she advertises. Based on the horrible place she lives in, it doesn't look like that will have a SHORT STAY as she says in her latest ads. There is a possibility that she will not only change her name, but possibly her number. If she does, and if she says something about her location on Lakeshore Blvd West in Etobicoke (like it does in her ads) and mentions something to you via text/phone about living above an aquarium and flower shop, you will know it's her.

One last thing about her ad, it said NO RUSH! What I liar! I still have the text messages we sent to each other where she said "shower included" but went back on her word! Good thing I didnít give her the $20 tip I offered. So for your own safety...STAY AWAY!!!




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