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Beware of a fake VERIFIED post
« on: October 08, 2019, 03:21:44 pm »
This ad is being posted for quite some time. It is fake bait and switch ad. I am not sure if this ad was notified.
The ad at the following link is fake. Unfortunately it shows as Leolist verified ad and that's why I made a mistake of trusting it. In my experience, I have never found a true ad from Asian providers. They always bait and switch. They always post pictures of models etc. The person in this ad appear to be paid to do the ad. Not sure if this video is even made in Canada. Leolist should take action against fake ads claiming them to be leolist verified. The link today is at"


If the ad doesn't open up try searching Vanessa. The ad says (verified) Upscale good looking amazing service in Scarboro. There were some other similar verified ads but I forget their names.

When you text, you will be communicating with a guy who is probably taking care of many other numbers under the different ads. He will not want a phone call because then you will know you are talking to a pimp. The girl will barely know English and won't understand your needs.

If you respond to the add just keep in mind you may see some other random girl in a semi dark apartment where it may be hard for you to quickly identify the person vs the person in the ad and she may not be totally worth of your investment.   

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